POD008 – Boronas

Photo credits: Efacts Photography

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George Boronas begun his career during the mid 90’s in Thessaloniki, Greece. Early influences came from his parents record collection,some piano and guitar lessons that where enough to make him realise his love for music and made him want to be a part of all that. From the age of 15 with a drum n’ bass direction combined with hip hop techniques he changed his musical taste and moved into Deep House, House, Tech-House and Techno with influences from labels that came from USA (Detroit, Chicago, New York), UK (London), FRANCE (Paris) and GERMANY (Berlin,Hamburg).

More recently, he focused in music production and with George Delkos they create “Square Room Heroes” project with releases and featuring tracks in major labels like Visionquest, Claap, Subsonic (AU), Back And Forth, ExoticRefreshment, Erase, Phonograph and many others. Also some personal releases in labels like Suruba , Escapism Musique, We Are All Prostitutes, Spaghetti Monster and others, combined with his unique top mixing skills and record collection gain him reputation for appearances in festivals, parties and events, Radio and TV shows, in various venues and clubs in Europe. He has played alongside with artists like Ashley Beedle, Kevin Saundenrson, Wareika, Seidensticker & Salour, Loco Dice, Martin Buttrich, Aril Brikha, Radio Slave, Christian Burkhardt, Lovebirds, Mandy, Brothers Vibe, Ame, Kink, Sis, GummiHz, Nikola Gala, Argy, Ekkohaus and many others in clubs like Weekend, Tresor, Cookies , Chalet, GoldenGate, KaterHolzig – KaterBlau, Salon zur Wilde Renate, Club Der Visionaire, (Berlin), EGO(VillaNova) , PAL , Waagenbau , Baalsaal, Kurhotel (Hamburg)(Germany),Le Batofar (Paris) , Club Lite (Amsterdam) , Ikon (Kiev) , Ammos, Lockroom (Cyprus), Division, Elvis Bar, Liebe, Decadance (Thessaloniki) and many others.

George remains focused into djing and producing more music to make more audiences sweat on the dance-floor !


01. Treescape – Diluviu – [Sleep Is Commercial]
02. Boronas – Self Protection (Original_Mix) – [Escapism Musique]
03. Cuartero – Trouble in Paradise (Original Mix) [Moon Harbour]
04. Apollonia – The Benshee – [Apollonia]
05. Nightmares On Wax – A Case Of Funk (Loco Dice Remix) – [Warp Records]
06. Point.G – Have You – [Point G]
07. Ekkkohaus – Gravity – [Claap]
08. Martin Buttrich & Audiofly – Uninformal Processing – [Supernature]
09. Premiesku – Despre Ei – [Apollonia]
10. Lawrence – Nowhere Is A Place – [Smallville]
11. Ernesto Ferreyra – Cristal Clear – [Cadenza]