Pod010 – Larsen

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01. Todd Terje – Snooze 4 Love (Dixon Remix)
02. Adam Port – Ganesha Song
03. Larsen & Wave – Black Wood
04. – The Feeling
05. Patrice Baumel – Glutes
06. Stereocalypse – Arboria
07. Oliver Koletzki – Planetarium
08. Chloe (FR) – The Dawn (Dixon Remix)
09. Dj Tennis – Convex
10. Ola Kvernberg – The Mechanical Fair (Todd Terje Remix)

Pod009 – Filou

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01. L.B. Dub Corp – It’s what you feel (Ostgut Ton)
02. Seidensticker & Salour – Say here Danilo Schneider Rmx (Sleep is Commercial)
03. Terje Bakke – Chere Madame (Strictly Chosen)
04. Peter JD – Berlines (Strictly Chosen)
05. Sven Tasnadi & Juno 6 – Barcelona (Strictly Chosen)
06. Unknown Artist – White Label (KeyAll 3)
07. Luke Hess – Come (DeepLabs)
08. Mihai Popoviciu – Adviced (Highgrade Records)
09. Danilo Schneider – Expose Guido Schnedier Rmx (Brouqade)
10. Audiofly – Sweeter than (Supernature)
11. Daniel Stefanik – 1996 (Cocoon Recordings)
12. No Mad Ronin vs. Jerome Sydenham – I Adventure (Ibadan)
13. Jerome Sydenham & David Sumner – The Fever (Ibadan)
14. Terje Bakke – Jadore (Visionquest)
15. Uner – Pallene (Cadenza)

Pod008 – Boronas

Photo credits: Efacts Photography

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George Boronas begun his career during the mid 90’s in Thessaloniki, Greece. Early influences came from his parents record collection,some piano and guitar lessons that where enough to make him realise his love for music and made him want to be a part of all that. From the age of 15 with a drum n’ bass direction combined with hip hop techniques he changed his musical taste and moved into Deep House, House, Tech-House and Techno with influences from labels that came from USA (Detroit, Chicago, New York), UK (London), FRANCE (Paris) and GERMANY (Berlin,Hamburg).

More recently, he focused in music production and with George Delkos they create “Square Room Heroes” project with releases and featuring tracks in major labels like Visionquest, Claap, Subsonic (AU), Back And Forth, ExoticRefreshment, Erase, Phonograph and many others. Also some personal releases in labels like Suruba , Escapism Musique, We Are All Prostitutes, Spaghetti Monster and others, combined with his unique top mixing skills and record collection gain him reputation for appearances in festivals, parties and events, Radio and TV shows, in various venues and clubs in Europe. He has played alongside with artists like Ashley Beedle, Kevin Saundenrson, Wareika, Seidensticker & Salour, Loco Dice, Martin Buttrich, Aril Brikha, Radio Slave, Christian Burkhardt, Lovebirds, Mandy, Brothers Vibe, Ame, Kink, Sis, GummiHz, Nikola Gala, Argy, Ekkohaus and many others in clubs like Weekend, Tresor, Cookies , Chalet, GoldenGate, KaterHolzig – KaterBlau, Salon zur Wilde Renate, Club Der Visionaire, (Berlin), EGO(VillaNova) , PAL , Waagenbau , Baalsaal, Kurhotel (Hamburg)(Germany),Le Batofar (Paris) , Club Lite (Amsterdam) , Ikon (Kiev) , Ammos, Lockroom (Cyprus), Division, Elvis Bar, Liebe, Decadance (Thessaloniki) and many others.

George remains focused into djing and producing more music to make more audiences sweat on the dance-floor !


01. Treescape – Diluviu – [Sleep Is Commercial]
02. Boronas – Self Protection (Original_Mix) – [Escapism Musique]
03. Cuartero – Trouble in Paradise (Original Mix) [Moon Harbour]
04. Apollonia – The Benshee – [Apollonia]
05. Nightmares On Wax – A Case Of Funk (Loco Dice Remix) – [Warp Records]
06. Point.G – Have You – [Point G]
07. Ekkkohaus – Gravity – [Claap]
08. Martin Buttrich & Audiofly – Uninformal Processing – [Supernature]
09. Premiesku – Despre Ei – [Apollonia]
10. Lawrence – Nowhere Is A Place – [Smallville]
11. Ernesto Ferreyra – Cristal Clear – [Cadenza]

Pod007 – Matt Star

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Matt Star is in love with electronic and Techno Music in 1995 (with 8 years) as he listen to a set from Sven Väth at the Radio from an Big Event called “Hessentag”. In 1999, when he was only 12 years old, he started to contribute actively and played at various parties – at that time rather at private and illegal ones. He made his first musical attempts using a Play Station. While his mates were playing Super Mario and Pac Man, he tried to get crazy sounds out of the console and he was quite successful at it. 1 year later he began to produce his first tracks on his computer. In 2006 he released his first record “The art of M” on Weave Music. And just at its predecessor “Anin”, the records were played by many well-known Djs. Matt Star describes his musical style as follows: “Everything I like or Microphunk“. He plays everything from Ambient and Trip Hop stuff to rather hard Techno – everything he likes, depending on the mood. But in the clubs he mostly goes ahead in a pretty strict and determined way: “it’s got to make people dance! it has to be groovy!” Up to now, Matt has already released a couple of records (see discography) He is also in high demand as a remix artist and is always busy creating new, amazing interpretations for his colleagues. There is a lot more to come!


01. J&L – Ramayana Chant (ESHU Records)
02. Plusculaar – Rumänische Ep (Essemtrax)
03. Loopdeville – Strangers (Body Parts)
04. Terje Bake – Sar Louise EP (Bechosen)
05. Egal 3 – The Sahdes (Sound of Vast)
06. Dilated Pupils – MAd Drummer (Mode of Expression)
07. Stardub – dub#7b1 – (Stardub)
08. Martyn – Vancouver (3024)
09. DOna – Point8 (Points)
10. XDB – Ganivon (Answer COde Request REmix) – Dolly
11. Tom Demac – Vocoders Revenge (Aus Music)
12. C. Burkhardt & Daniel Roth – Spread your Legs (Cb Session)
13. Avatism – Adamant (Lake People Remix) Vakant
14. Dj Koze – Amygdala (Roma Flügel Remix) – Pampa

Pod006 – Anton Kubikov

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Anton Kubikov started his career in 1994. He playing at one of the first Moscow’s techno clubs – the “Hermitage”. This was the time when club culture was rapidly developing in Moscow; soon he became a popular figure on the city’s.
In 1995 he created his own radio show on Russia’s first dance FM radio called the “Station”. Until its closing in 2001 the “Station” (together with its non-commercial affiliate “Substancia” ) was the only radio station in Russia exclusively devoted to the modern trends of electronic music. In 1997 Kubikov started making his own tracks. In the past few years his projects “Scsi-9”, “Multipliar” and “Snooker Boy” became very popular on the Moscow underground electronic scene.

From 2002 till now together with Maxim Milyutenko he runs his own electronic studio in Moscow. His music had over 50 releases mainly on German vinyl labels such as Kompakt, Force Tracks, Trapez, Salo, Traum and Freizeitglauben. In Russia he released his first album as Scsi-9 and made a number of remixes for Russian pop artists. Since 2000 he plays his music live in Russia, Germany, Poland, UK, Holland, Romania, Czech Republic, Greece, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Mexico, Japan, Australia and other countries where most part of the audience knows him as “Scsi-9” rather than DJ Kubikov. He still remains one of the most booked popular Russian DJs, well known by clubbers for his fine taste and respected by the other DJs for the original playing technique presented at such a famous festivals as Love Parade, Transmediale, Monegros, Sound Frame and some others.

In 2005 Anton has started his own electronic label – Pro-tez Records – together with Maxim Milyutenko and Ed Vertov. The focus of Pro-tez Records is to work with a broad roster of artists who create a wide scope of innovative approaches toward electronic music that is equally comfortable on the dance floor as in the living room.
Also he started him own project like Anton Kubikov and slow electronica project with Roman Korablove and Sergey Sapunov – Raw Code.

Now Anton is a resident of Shanti Club and doing Pro-tez Night once in the month.

Pod005 – Yapacc

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Yapacc has been released around 200 tracks by over 80 labels and remixed for riccardo villalobos,
italoboyz, 2raumwohnung & many more. yapacc’s organic sound describes a wide bow hitting minimal funk & melodic techno at one time. He is also part and producer of narcotic syntax (perlon/wir) since 10 years. Actual they work out a new stuff for perlon and cosmo records. The output of yapacc’s production is always aiming at the attainment of the `emotional maximum`. He also perform with vocalists like robert conroy (misty roses), fadila und flora päär.
Yapacc played in international clubs like dachkantine, friedas büxe, panorama bar, bar 25/kater holzig, arena club, fabric london, cruzifix lane, studio 80, bar americas, monza, u60311, arm, airport, doornrosje, harry klein, flex, club 55, fuse club, batofar, colors garden, club clapper, propaganda club and mix club.

Actual releases are on perlon, brise, underyourskin, release sustain, escapism musique, neim records, fantastic friends and apparel.

all tracks composed, produced, mixed and performed by yapacc

01. freedom – takita rec
02. celaya calling . future audio
03. african friends rmx – circle music
04. tight genes rmx – masterplan rec
05. amalia rmx – medicine rec
06. 777 – escapism musique
07. cali in love rmx (for mri) – resopal
08. mother earth – unreleased
09. face 4 the floor – sonata music
10. glueckstreffer – unreleased
11. thwardpuzzle rmx – freizeitglauben

Pod004 – Luca Albano

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Berlin based but Italian born Luca Albano began his musical journey back in 2003, releasing his first EP on Andrea Bertonlini’s well known imprint; Stereo Seven Plus. This first important step helped pave the way forward as Luca began DJ’ing around his home city Rome and aboard in some other places of Europe.
In the studio Luca’s sound is heavily influenced and can be linked with the current Berlin techno/minimal scene and the past Chicago, Detroit house/techno scenes.
His tracks are immersed with their pulsating vibes and hypnotic grooves, which is also evident in all of Luca’s DJ set.
In 2010 Luca released his first artist album on Cimelde records.
After this step , Luca has begun to work with some new sounds and experiment and finally found his main groove , expecially in his last releases for Trend Records, Hummingbird, TooFunk and Escapism Musique.
Next process for Luca will be the Live Set, which will be on the session for the 2012.


01. Hanaam – Trouble days
02. ArPiar – Fire
03. Hanaam – Strict
04. Rhadoo – Mr Dodo
05. Yaya – Jam Music
06. Dewalta – Trend house
07. Masomenos – Flower
08. Mindhacker & Sami Wentz – For you (Original Mix)
09. Bloodymary – Give it
10. Polder – 001
11. Num06 – Kltd
12. Layo & Bushwacka – Grated
13. Mike Monday – Bootyfunk
14. Dj Assassin – Face in the crowd
15.Kadaboulistan´- Sun over you
16. Tricksi & Solomun – Black Rose
17. Dop – Circus Company Blanche Neige
18. Lake People – On

Pod003 – Fog

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Story is the same no difference here,following the electronic hype at the mid 90s passing from Acid,House,Techno and Tribal.First as a promoter and resident around , delivering some of the finest dj sets earning points each day.Some early cuts poped up at the early 2008 then a huge turn to more techno influences…After a year of success in mid 2009 started to take another direction to more laid back house elements,actually the impact of dub house sampling pind’up in his mind and the rest is history…
Up until now his collaborating expirience and remix works upon him by people like Mendo l Kruse l Nuerberg l Nico Lahs l Elef l Patrick Zigon l Sasch BBC & Caspar l Jacuzzi Boys l Yapacc l Echonomist l Alexei N Nig l David Herrero l Claire Ripley & Zeitgeist l Jay Tripwire and many more has given him a vast influental gate between styles and shapes .
Noir l Brise l Plastic City l Back and Forth l Save Room l Apparel l Time Has Changed l Kolour and Metroline Limited among others hosted his new instalations and more collaborations took place until this day . More to come soon from this fellow everything seems about right…


01. Alien Trick – Backed Up ( Jfk Rework ) ll ITS A SMALL WORLD
02. Fog & Echonomist – Great Leap Forward ( Original ) CD
03. 6th Borough Project – Estranged Lover ( Original ) USE OF WEAPONS
04. Claire Ripley & Zeitgeist – Plur ( Fog Swalloed the Bass Edit ) MICROZOO
05. Burnski & Manik – You Know What Its Like ( Original Mix ) REAL TONE
06. Lemy Leopard – From The Jungle feat Laetitia Dana ( Original ) JUNGLE DEEP
07. Moloko – Forever More ( Fog Bootleg Edit ) CD
08. Geeeman – Bang ‘ t ( Original ) CLONE JACK FOR DAZE
09. West Norwood Cassette Library – Blonde On Blonde ( Original ) TEAL
10. Groove Armada – Luv 91 ( Original ) HYPERCOLOUR
11. Echonomist – Crack Groove ( Original mix ) MIXX
12. Erdbeerschnitzel – Suave ( Original ) 4LUX BLACK

Pod002 – Angelo Draetta

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Angelo Draetta, 17 years, has made his best weapon the “consistently”, imposing
his name as a tangible reality for everyone. A story that began as a joke, 12 years, which
led to the first publications under different a.k.a. but it was only the beginning of his
adventure. The time to improve himself and Angelo dives completely into the discography,
finally signing his first work under his name “Angelo Draetta” with several good prestige
labels. Angelo demonstrates that the work, passion and meritocracy in the music are
rewarded over time. This young DJ from southern Italy, is a book that is written day after
day, page after page. Emotions and experiences are waiting to be lived with every beat, on
disc, trying to succeed in the club.


01. Matthew Burton – Cake (Dudley Strangeways Mix)
02. Hooved – Pink’nda (Micha Klang Remix)
03. Nas – You Can Hate Me Now (Gode Bootleg Rework)
04. Roni Be – Secret Weapon (Original Mid)
05. Soul to Soul – Back To Life (Original Mix)
06.Thomas A.S – Fragmento 12 (Original Mix)
07. Jamahr – Mu de toi (Angelo Draetta Remix)
08. Massimo Cassini – Point Of You (original mix)
09. Nikol Claude & Jorge Tara – Love And Happiness (Original Mix)
10. Tanzlife – Heart Attack (Original Mix)
11. Adapter – Twisted (Original Mix)
12.Elio Krass – Deep Sunday (Original Mix)
13.Adapter – September In Love (Angelo Draetta Remix)

Pod001 – Mindhacker

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Mindhacker was borned in 1988 in the capital of Romania, Bucharest. With a great sense of music since childhood, he started to learn music techniques in early 2006, perfecting his skills till 2008 when he started to produce and play.

His first release was in 2008, and until now, he released on labels like Multi Vitamins, Cr2, Greelpound, Kina Music, Urbansound Records, Polar Noise, Italo Business, Weplayminimal and others, approaching different styles, from minimal-techno to tech-house and house. His music has been supported by every big DJ in the industry.

In 2009 he created the label Escapism Musique (digital and vinyl), a label gathering lots of great artists and great feedback from the biggest djs, radios and magazines around the world. One of the vinyl releases (emv003) is his own (in collaboration with the french artist Sami Wentz) called “Late Night Love EP”, and it was supported by many djs (Richie Hawtin, Luciano, Sis, Marco Carola, Magda, Troy Pierce, Paco Osuna, Hermanez, Audiojack, Mark Knight, Claude Von Stroke, Nic Fanciulli, Daniel Sanchez, Alejandro Vivanco, Michel De Hey, Nick Warren, Andrew Grant etc.) and entered the 7th place on Buzz Charts.

In the past years Mindhacker had gigs in some important clubs around Europe, playing in Bar 25 (Berlin, DE), Soundvision Presents … Off Sonar Party (Barcelona, ES), Le Pearl (Lyon, FR), Golden Gate (Berlin, DE), M-Bia (Berlin,DE), Raw-Tempel (Berlin,DE), BKI (Hamburg, DE), L-Club (Wurzburg, DE), Klang (Arezzo, IT), Double Deuce (Luxembourg, LU), Cafe Miesna (Poznan, PL), Henna Fashion (Enna, IT), Lifehouse (Sofia, BG), La Playa (Varna, BG), Kristal Glam Club (Bucharest, RO), Studio Martin (Bucharest, RO) etc , sharing the booth with djs like Monoroom, Piemont, David Keno, Daniel Dreier, Manu-L, Larsson, Nils Nurenberg, Lady Ka, Hooved, Jules & Moss, Die Haustiere, Timid Boy, Soliman, Francesco Bonora, Manu-L, Javier Gonzalez, Massa, Eddy Romero, Frink, Los Pastores, Martin Eyerer, Spektre, Angy Kore, Aki Bergen, Mihalis Safras, Kiko, Taster Peter, Jp Chronic, Onno, Agent!, Luca Albano & Flora Paar, Pierre Deutschmann, Miro Pajic and conquering the audience with his personal style.

Besides clubs he also played on different radios and podcasts, including: Frisky Radio, Ibiza Global Radio, Dance Trippin (Escapism Musique showcase with Scsi-9, Fog & Arara, Mirco Violi), NOICE! as an Escapism Musique series with Monoroom, Manu-L, Ronan Portela, Marquese, Felix Neumann, AMDJS radio show, which was broadcasted on 27 FM radios in Russia, Brazil, Lithuania and France.

Mindhacker was interviewed by one romanian newspaper “Adevarul de seara”, by an website for his accomplishments and for his activity was nominated on Awards every year coming out among the good djs from our country. His label was also nominated every year, coming out first ten party brands.

With his persuasive and intense passion for music, Mindhacker will keep working harder and harder making people happy listening his music and “hacking” their minds with his sounds.