EM008 // Sampler #1 (Khefren, Flex, Pantany, Leo Auber)

EM008 // Sampler #1 (Khefren, Flex, Pantany, Leo Auber)

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Some feedback:

Ali Kuru (8bit rec)
all tracks are good , especially Leo and Khefren’s ! thanks

DJ Madskillz (100% PURE / Area Remote)
nice tunes, river is favorite…cheers!

Dani Casarano (Cadenza / Fumakilla / Connaisseur)
petit floete is the one

Paulo Olarte (liebe*detail / Diynamic Music / Freshfish Records)
very solid release, i like it very much. pampero and petit floete are my favorites. full support for this ep!!!

Philipp Wolgast (Kompass / Eminor / HiFreaks)
hey man, really cool compilation, pampero is a fucken HIT and i also really like the khefren track. full support.. cheers. p+

Locarini (KSL Recordings)
good khefren! good pantany!

Imugem Orihasam (Esperanza / Etoka / Fragil)
very nice funky tech house release. all stuffs really cool. i like them. especially Leo Auber [Pampero] is my favorite. nice voices, groovy bassline, synth… all good ! will play it.

Luca M (Viva Music / Cimelde / Recycle)
Great pack over here. I like all tracks, but River it’s my favorite 🙂

Dirty Culture (Einmaleins Musik / Loco Records / Disolend)
I have to say that is a very good release, lots of different tastes to choose from. Khefren’s River is a killer track, just for my dancefloor. Also I love “Petit Floete” is an original track, lots of harmonies. Full support from me, play this for sure.

Toni D. (Kailash / Material Series / Safari Electronique)
very nice ep my favorite is flex track nice!!!!

Francesco Gemelli (Globox / Analytictrail / Capsula)
BOMB EP!!!I like all tracks! FULL SUPPORT

Gianluca Corvesi (Suara / Kaufe Musik)
great track ”pampero” i will play sure!!!

Funkatron (Seta Label)
Cool release. I will play it for sure!!

Mark Morris (Italo Business / Analytic Trail / Naked Lunch)
i prefer leo auber

Francesco Bonora (Frequenza Limited)

SiLenT (Caramella Records / Waldliebe Records)
Petit floete is nice track!love the groove!

Homebase (Criminal Records, Was Kids Records / Zoom Club, Rakete Nbg)
i like the leo auber track and will play it alot…i hope you cleared the samples hehe

Oliver Klein (the good one! / Tribehouse)
river is the strongest track from this ep!

Phil Weeks (ROBSOUL / ALL)
will play , good stuff

Ramon Tapia (Turbo / Greatstuff)
not for me

Kiko Martinez (DocePulgadas Radioshow)

John Selway (Selway Music)
not bad, not quite there for me though
Half Stereo (HalfStereo /
Very good tribalism blended with ultimate minimalsim. Very good!

DJ Misk (AltroVerso)
playlist in altroverso

Ascii Disko (biatch / ladomat / dance electric / body function /…. / stardust madrid / hotel shanghai essen / tanzhaus west frankfurt/ and international)
nice but not my sound

Roberto Rodriguez (Frozen North / Sauna Sessions)
Cool sampler from the guys from Bucharest!

Loving the tracks. Will spin these.

Sebastian Roya (Connaisseur Recordings)

Someone Else (foundsound records)
track 2 is nice.

SweetnCandy (Dumb-Unit / Opossum / Lebensfreude)
funny idea!

Wehbba (82 Recordings / Tronic / BluFin …..)
petit floete, this is what i would like to listen to/play in the chilled moments….really good music