EM001 // Mindhacker – Wasted Part 1 (Incl. Sasha Carassi remix)

EM001 // Mindhacker – Wasted Part 1 (Incl. Sasha Carassi remix)

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Some feedback:

Uto Karem (Agile / Sci+Tec)

good start for this new born label, wish all the best

Dandi e Ugo (Italo Business)

we like all 2 tracks great release & great remixer support Dandi & Ugo Italo Business

Flavio Diaz (Analytic Trail / Loose / Rilis)

nice release, cheers man

Luca & Paul (Polar Noise)

cool…love the original! 😉

Monque (Playmobil Series / Splitsound / Frankie)

hi man, thx for the promo!!…. i like all release! rmx by Sasha Carassi is very nice!.. 😉

Minimorph (Globox / Minibus / Capsula)

i will play for shure “Sasha Carassi” rmx

Francesco Grant (Globox / Capsula / Suara)

Great 001 very minimal style!I like the rmx that I will play soon!

Fracesco Gemelli (Capsula / Malatoid / Empro Music)

hi tnx for the promo…both tracks are cool,good groove in naples style.Superb remix by sasha carassi.I will play both tracks for sure ;).

Ness (Splitsound / Playmobil / MP Digital Records)

Hey man, thanks for the promo…nice stuff!!!
Solid release and groovy, support.

Marco Esse (Suara)

nice release!original is cool and freaky a lot, carassi remix is for me.more groovy.