5 Years

This year we are celebrating 5 Years of Escapism Musique, and we wanted to thanks everyone who supported us, so we prepared you some surprises.

1) 5 years of Escapism Musique anniversary sales pack. 3 vinyls (emv003, emv004 and emv005) for only 11,99 euros !

2) This year, our summer compilation will be released on CD (digipack). It will contain 12 exclusive tracks produced by some of our favorite artists, with a special artwork !


5 Years of Escapism Musique


This spring we are celebrating 5 years of Escapism Musique !!! We have some surprises for you.

1) a package of vinyls (emv003, emv004 and emv005) at a reduced price !
2) a compilation with 12 exclusive tracks from some of our favorite artists that will be released on CD

More infos soon !