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EM065 out now !

Artists : Mario Franca, Junior Gee, Pascal Dior
Release name: As Usual EP
Number of tracks: 4
Genre: House, Tech-House

Supported by:

Paco Osuna, Okain, Stacey Pullen, Danilo Vigorito, Igor Marijuan, Andre Butano, Pascal Dior, Fog, Mirco Violi, Ariel Rodz, Dilby, Atapy, Dirty Culture, Gery Otis, Horatio, and many many others + magazines & radios


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EMV008 out now !


a1. Boronas – Fake Romance (Original Mix)
a2. Boronas – Self Protection (Original Mix)
b1. Boronas – Fake Romance (Nikola Gala Remix)
b2. Boronas – Self Protection (Rico Puestel Remix)

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Escapism Musique continues the vinyl series with an EP from the greek, Hamburg based, dj and producer, Boronas (Visionquest / Suruba / Claap). Fake Romance gathers a mix of feelings, introducing the first original with slow deep sounds and the second one with more cheering and stimulating tones.
Nikola Gala (Escada Music / Ibadan / Rekids) and Nico Puestel (Ponsactrilau / SOSO / Pimprinella) revitalize the originals with two ecstatic remixes that complete the EP and make it perfect for the dancefloor. Enjoy!

Supported by:
Chris Liebing, Paco Osuna, Robag Wruhme, Ramiro Lopez, Kruse & Nuernberg, Luna City Express, Bushwacka, Namito, Dan Drastic, LEON, Danny Serrano, Hermanez, Stacey Pullen, Shinedoe, Markus Homm, Patrick Zigon, CLIO, Aldo Cadiz, Colin Dale, Rick Maia (FACT), Boola, Igor Marijuan, Scanmode, Echonomist, Alessio Mereu, Junior Gee, Paul Hazendonk, Guido Nemola, Satoshi Fumi, Kellerkind, YokoO and many many others!

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EM070 out now !

Artists : Boronas, Nicolo Simonelli, Fog & Replika, Mindhacker, Filou, Noble Sense, Richard Cleber, Merlo, Lorenzo Silvano, Daniel Selfmade, Francesco Altavilla, Dumming Dum, Tenderheart, AAAAA, Pedro Silva
Release name: Summer Comp. Vol. 5
Number of tracks: 15
Genre: Deep-House, Tech-House, Electronica

Supported by:

Paco Osuna, Someone Else, Alexi Delano, Colin Dale, Gery Otis, Anderson Noise, Stacey Pullen, Zoe Xenia, Anni Frost, Simon Heslin, Giuliano Veronese, Rosario Internullo, Sasch BBC, Brothers in Progress, Grego G, Urss, Angelo Draetta, Frisco Taibo, Mike Montano, Ario, Teufel Ben, Satoshi Fumi, Philipp Wolgast, Simon Beeston, Jp Chronic, Eddy Romero, Igor Marijuan, Thomas A.S.T. Ruggieri, Mr Costy, Dumming Dum, DJ Link, Harry Avers, Andrew Technique, Sasch BBC, Frisco Taibo, and many many others + magazines & radios


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