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EM071 out now !

Artists : Ralfus, Angel Mora, Moving Cities, Tatsu
Release name: Road Runner EP
Number of tracks: 5
Genre: Tech-House / Deep House

Supported by:

Paco Osuna, Michel de Hey, Scarlett Etienne, Sascha Krohn, Grego G, Boronas, Caspar, Guido Nemola, Maiki, Francesco Bonora, Fog, DJ SIMI, Satoshi Fumi, Mirco Violi and many many others + magazines & radios


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EMV009 out now !


a1. FilOu – ReVolt (Original Mix)
a2. FilOu – ReVolt (Crhistian Burkhardt Remix)
b1. FilOu – Golden Black (Original Mix)
b2. FilOu – Golden Black (EdEd Remix)

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FilOu brings the 9th vinyl of the Romanian label Escapism Musique. With two original tracks, ReVolt and Golden Black, FilOu ascends proportions of the tech sounds in complex tracks that gets the listener into motion. Cristian Burkhardt transcends the tones of ReVolt into a symmetrical harmony that vibes up with the sheer, meanwhile Ed Ed enthuses through his play with cheer and rhythm, ending the release in a dancing mood.

Supported by:
Marco Carola, PAN-POT, Sascha Funke, Hector Moralez, Hermanez, Patrick Zigon, YokoO, Helmut Dubnitzky, Raphael Dincsoy, Aney F, Guido Nemola, Francesco Bonora, Grego G, Fog, Boronas, Junior Gee, Maiki, and many many others!

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